The Fitzgerald

Residential Condominium Development

Grand Rapids, Michigan

At the Fitzgerald, luxury and elegance are the rule, and homeowners delight in owning a private piece of the city.

Approaching the Fitzgerald, an impressive façade of beautifully restored masonry, terra cotta cornice work and original limestone ornamentation evoke a bygone era. Many original features were maintained ensuring that renovations were historically accurate.

Built in 1915, this classic Colonial Revival building served as the home of the Grand Rapids YMCA until 2005. Today, vintage scoreboards, racquetball courts and a historic oval running track are showcased in unexpected settings, adding to the authentic quality of the restoration and revealing the existence of a gym in the original building. Such fanciful reminders pay tribute to the past, yet the building’s complete renovation ensures that homeowners enjoy a thoroughly modern lifestyle.

The Fitzgerald